The game industry, which has undergone an incredible transformation in recent years, has managed to become one of the fastest growing sectors. $ 150 billion in 2019 in the world and in Turkey, which has renewed $ 1 billion mark in market volume sector continues to evolve with each passing day. Undoubtedly, under this movement lies high-budget games with high-end graphics produced by game companies every year. Hardware manufacturers, on the other hand, do not rely solely on the hardware products they produce in order to support these games with high performance. NVIDIA, which is one of the largest hardware manufacturers in the world and guides the game industry with its high performance graphics cards, always keeps its products at the maximum level with software updates that it offers for every big game, unlike its competitors.

Support for 252 games and additional packages with updates

Emphasizing that driver updates work like a tool that guides graphics cards and that they always aim to offer high performance by updating the cards according to the technology of the new games, Can Us has published support for 252 games and additional packages in order to achieve this in the last 5 years. he said. Expressing that they provide a noticeable FPS increase in games with every update they publish, Us: “Graphics cards produced according to the game technology of the period may become insufficient in terms of performance as new technologies and game graphics develop in the game area. With the updates we publish, we optimize our graphics cards according to the latest gaming technologies and make them compatible with the graphics of these games. By supporting the graphics cards we produce with the slogan “Frames Win Games” with driver updates, we make sure that the cards always offer maximum FPS value. In this way, we aim to ensure that the players are never left behind in the competition. ” he said.

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